Before & After Images

Here we see a varicose vein located behind the knee of the patient. After having the ClosureFast Procedure we can see that the vein has significantly diminished in size and shape. By closing down the vein that "feeds" these varicose veins, they begin to lose their supply of blood and can completely disappear from the leg.

These spider veins are the earliest external indicator that you may have chronic venous insufficiency. They are caused by excess blood being left in the veins because of venous circulation problems. After having a radiofrequency vein ablation, these spider veins can drastically reduce in appearance or even go away completely.

This varicose vein has nearly disappeared after having the radiofrequency vein ablation. These results can sometimes take place just days after having the procedure and symptoms such as pain and swelling may go away immediately.

This varicose vein located on the back of the calf was caused by chronic venous insufficiency in the small saphenous vein also known as the "stocking vein". We can see that it has nearly disappeared with the radiofrequency vein ablation procedure and compression stocking therapy. Wearing compression stockings after the procedure is important in the healing process and also helps compress the veins so they can flatten. This helps the body absorb them back into the tissue and vanish for good.