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About DOC Vein Management

DOC Vein Management focuses on restoring mobility and quality of life to our patients by offering state-of-the-art vein procedures that focus on the Superficial Veins, often the underlying cause of painful varicose veins, and other serious Vein disease. The procedures we offer are performed on an outpatient basis, here in our local center. Using an ultrasound we determine what is best for the patient. The Physician will position a catheter into the diseased vein through a tiny opening in the skin. Using radiofrequency (RF) energy delivering heat to the vein wall. While this thermal energy is delivered, the vein wall shrinks and the vein is sealed close. Once the diseased vein closes, the blood begins to re-route through healthy veins.

The post procedure care is a simple bandage, and sometimes compression is required to aid in quick healing. Your physician may encourage exercise like walking, refraining from standing or strenuous physical activities
for a brief time. The average recovery period is a few days.

Your Doctor at DOC Vein Management can help decide the best solution for you.

About Venous Insufficiency

Our bodies are made up of a network of veins, Superficial Veins located near the surface, Deep Veins, located deep in the leg and Perforator Veins that connect the Superficial Veins to the Deep Veins.

Venous reflux disease develops when the valves that normally open and close assisting the blood flow of the heart become damaged or diseased. When this occurs, the vein valves don't close properly, leading to the following symptoms:

Before treatment at DOC Vein Solutions I could barely walk, let alone manage the daily activities of life. Now, after a few days recovery, I feel like I have new legs and am walking pain-free, cleaning and doing things I never could before!

This treatment was a truly life-changing experience.

Betty N.

Before vein surgery my legs always hurt. That’s the reason why, despite being a little apprehensive about having ‘surgery’, I decided to go through with the procedure Dr. Gupta recommended.

I’m so glad I did, Mark and the rest of the staff were wonderful, making me feel completely at ease. More importantly, now my legs feel great, even after being on my feet all day.

Darlene H.

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