Ask about Free Vein Screening

If you experience any of these symptoms on a regular basis,
you could be a candidate for treatment.

  • Pain, Aches & Ulcers
  • Restlessness or Swollen Limbs
  • Leg heaviness, cramping & fatigue

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Our Treatment Process

We meet with each patient, visually
examining lower extremities and
completing a lifestyle questionnaire
to determine an ideal treatment plan.
If our physicians feel that you may
suffer from venous insufficiency, we
may order an ultrasound and fit you
for prescription compression stockings.

The procedure is quick and minimally
invasive usually taking 45-60 minutes,
and is performed in an office setting.

If it is determined that the patient could
benefit from a radiofrequency treatment
we will schedule a time for the procedure.

Patients are encouraged to walk directly
after the procedure and resume normal
activities within a day.

Thinking of RF Vein Treatment in Your Future?

We know that any kind of medical procedure is a big decision, and one you'll probably spend time discussing with your family doctor. If you're interested in simply obtaining more information on our procedures to look over and think about, just submit your email address here and we'll forward additional info.

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